About Us

Hamburg Trading Company L.L.C HTC, Innovations in polymers materials and applied technology have brought about a dramatic change in industrial activity as well as everyday life. HAMBURG Trading Co.LLC has played a pioneering role in bringing the latest products and technologies in this field from India and neighbouring countries and has established itself as the one of the largest distributors for world class EPDM Sealing Products in the Middle East.
With technical know-how from Korea & Germany and Japan our associates in India bring variety of Architectural and Building Profiles to meet the ever-changing demands of the global Building construction Industry taking care of the varied weather conditions prevailing in this region.
HAMBURG Trading Co.LLC the company Founder Mr.Gurcharan Singh Anand, situated in Dubai is over 30 years, company which imports and distributes EPDM Rubber profiles and various other architectural accessories catering to the sealing requirements of the following industries :-
1. Automobiles
2. Ships
3. Electrical Panels
4. Water Tanks
5. Manhole covers
6. Refrigerated Trucks & Ocean-going containers,
7. Aluminium Extrusion systems
8. Various other Industrial Sealing applications
The products comply with most advanced International standards. HAMBURG Trading Co.LLC is one of the largest supplier to nearly 60% of the Architectural Industry for Rubber in UAE. The company’s products conform to (ISI) and International standards such as JASO, ASTM, DIN and BS.
HAMBURG responds to the demands of Building Construction Industry with ongoing Research and Development by its associates from every functional angle.
The companies associates are proud of their product development systems, which are in the vanguard for their field, including the accumulation of development expertise through engineering databases.
HAMBURG is supplying EPDM Architectural/Building Profiles to many International systems and indirectly catering to most of the Building Construction sites/Project sites in the world.
Gulf Countries: (UAE,Kuwait,Qatar, Bahrain, Oman)
Europe : ( U.K., France, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Russia & Ukraine).
South Africa
S. East Asia : (Phillipines, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka,Singapore, Indonesia). U.S.A., Canada and Latin America.
Today HAMBURG Trading Co.LLC is involved in expanding the technical expertise accumulated during the last 15 years or so, in developing more sophisticated and complex parts made to order and also increase the product areas covered.
The company firmly believes that the challenges of the 21st century can only be met by having dependable technological capability, coupled with an innovative approach towards continuous technological improvements.
In line with our corporate philosophy of growth and globalization, our vision is to achieve the status of "Numero Uno" in the Weather-strip, Sealing market in the world by setting standards of excellence and perfection for others to follow.
We believe in total dedicated commitment to EXCELLENCE, PERFECTION AND QUALITY.